Adam Pally Was Drunk When He Picked His ‘Greatest’ Costume For ‘Conan’ Yet

Whenever Adam Pally visits Conan, he comes dressed in a new ridiculous costume. It’s like Paul Rudd’s never-not-funny “Mac & Me” bit, but with Borat, or the Mask Lincoln, or a Buckingham Palace guard. On Monday night’s episode, the Making History star wore his, to quote Conan, “greatest thing” yet: Fatman. Think Batman… but fat (Kevin Smith is going to be pissed). “This time when they called, and they were like, ‘What do you want to dress up as,’ I was really drunk,” Pally explained, “and so I answered something I don’t remember, and then I didn’t check it until about 20 minutes ago.” He immediately regretted his decision: “I’ve been in this suit for about 15 minutes, and I’m already breathing like Tony Soprano trying to fall asleep.”

This is why you don’t drink and drive and pick costumes for late-night shows.

Meanwhile, Pally is public enemy #1 in the far-right corners of the internet after TMZ asked him who he’d “spend an hour with” if he could go back in time, and Pally responded, “I’d have to kill Trump or Hitler. Or maybe I’d go back and love them more, so that they wouldn’t do these things.” Pally and Snoop Dogg have so much in common; they should do a couples’ costume the next time they’re on Conan. Maybe Sam and Al from Quantum Leap?