Another day, another Justin Bieber ‘Boyfriend’ clip

Justin Bieber is street, and he wants everybody to know it.

In anticipation of tomorrow’s highly-anticipated “Boyfriend” video release (it debuts on MTV at 7:50 PM ET), Justin Bieber has released yet another brief teaser for the clip that shows the teen heartthrob rolling up in a convertible, finding himself surrounded by “funky” hip-hop dancers and skateboarders (cause that’s what urban kids do), and, of course, romancing some sweet honey. Oh yeah, and a souped-up car peels out on the pavement, which is freakin’ cool and also proves that he’s a grownup now.

Anyway, you can check out all 18 pulse-pounding seconds in the clip below (and a previous, very different “Boyfriend” video preview here)…

“Boyfriend” has so far peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 (this week it stands at #7). The song is the first single for Bieber’s third album “Believe”, which drops on June 19.

Are you wetting your pants in anticipation of Justin Bieber’s new video? Sound off in the comments!

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