An Actor Who Made A Surprise ‘Infinity War’ Appearance Can’t Confirm His Role In ‘Avengers 4’

Marvel Studios/Disney

As the post-Thanksgiving haze begins to clear away, a fresh week only brings more speculation on when the Avengers 4 trailer will drop. There’s no definitive date yet, so this seems like as good a time as any to shine light on how the actors within the MCU can’t detail much about the May 2019 release either. In the case of Sebastian Stan, he recently stated that he has no idea whether Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier will even appear in the film, which doesn’t even have an identifiable title yet, although fans have tried to piece together clues from the Russo Brothers. Stan is joined in his apparent confusion by Ross Marquand, who picked up the Red Skull role (previously played by Hugo Weaving in Captain America) for a surprise appearance in Infinity War.

On Sunday night’s edition of AMC’s The Talking Dead and while rehashing that surprise death, Marquand (who plays Aaron on the zombie-apocalpyse series) fielded an Avengers question about his character. Of course, he could neither confirm nor deny whether Red Skull — who was revealed as the keeper of the Soul Stone in Infinity War — would have a reason to return. “I can’t answer that question,” said Marquand (via Comic Book). “I really don’t know.”

Does Marquand know, and he simply can’t say? That much remains unclear, but when Infinity War arrived in theaters late last spring, the actor told Entertainment Weekly that keeping the secret of his appearance was “tough” but simply part of the job. “I didn’t tell anybody,” he insisted. “These NDAs on these things are no joke!” At the time, Marquand revealed how he also kept his The Walking Dead gig under wraps for seven months, which was a challenge that couldn’t be avoided. After all, when even Spider-Man actor Tom Holland can’t be trusted to not let important plot points slip, one understands precisely why studios and networks insist upon secrecy through legal means.

Still, let’s hope that Marvel drops the first Avengers 4 trailer sooner, rather than later. Sure, fans will probably feel even more teased by whatever they see, but that’s more fun than the current “when will it happen?” rumor mill.

Avengers 4 will arrive in theater on May 3, 2019.

(Via Comic Book & EW)