‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Avoided Spoilers By Pretending A Fan Favorite Character Didn’t Die

11.08.18 9 months ago


Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – The Art of the Movie is full of interesting facts about the highest-grossing movie of 2018, including how Thanos was originally going to appear shirtless (my god, think of the “he thicc” memes) and that Spider-Man nearly wore a different suit. The book also reveals that members of the production crew were given sham scripts, to prevent any possible leaks.

“We created a version of the script where Loki would get away in an escape pod at the beginning of the movie,” executive producer Trinh Tran explained. “When we started shooting that particular sequence, we had crew members who were thoroughly confused. We had to let them know that those were fake versions of the script that they read.” I guess Jude Law wasn’t kidding.

Thanos killing Loki is the first gut-punch of Infinity War, and it’s also one of the few deaths that’s likely to stick in and beyond Avengers 4 (unless you believe Kevin Smith). “When I came to shoot the scene in Infinity War, I think it’s very powerful he calls himself an Odinson, and that closes the whole journey of Loki and what he can do,” actor Tom Hiddleston said about the scene. “It set the stakes up emotionally. It takes the stakes up dramatically. You know that Thanos is someone who’s more dangerous than anyone we’ve seen before.”

Loki might be dead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he, along with Scarlet Witch, is getting his own show on Disney’s streaming service. If you can’t wait until then, Marvel has also started counting down the seconds to Avengers 4.

(Via Digital Spy)

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