Zack Snyder Was Going To Kill Batman In The DC Extended Universe


Following the disappointing commercial reception to Justice League, a sequel, which was originally scheduled to come out in 2019, was indefinitely shelved in favor of a Batman standalone film (which may or may not star Ben Affleck, who was also supposed to co-write and direct the movie… the DCEU is confusing).

But if Zack Snyder, of #ReleaseTheSynderCut fame, had his way, Justice League 2 would have killed the Dark Knight. Ironic! When the director was asked by a fan, who also uploaded a photo of Superman holding Batman’s lifeless body, whether his planned five-film story arc would have ended with Bruce Wayne dying, he responded, “Of course.” (He made the announcement on Vero, his preferred social media platform for dead superheroes.)

The image the fan is using on Vero is evocative of a moment that occurs in Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis event series, which deals with Darkseid’s plot to upend reality through the use of the Anti-Life equation. In the sixth issue of the multi-verse-shaking series, Darkseid apparently kills the Caped Crusader with his Omega Beams after which Superman recovers his body and then faces off with the ruler of Apokolips. By the end of that series we discover that Bruce Wayne is not dead and has in fact been sent back in time by the Omega Beams. (Via)

Batman has died, time and time again, in the comics, but never in a movie (yes, that includes The Dark Knight Rises). It would have taken real stones for Snyder to kill arguably DC’s most popular character, but considering we live in a world where there’s approximately 78 Joker movies in production, anything goes. (The Joker might have something to say about Snyder’s plan.) Anyway, Snyder is probably finished directing movies set in the DCEU, so Batman gets to live another day, which is good news for moms named Martha everywhere.

(Via CinemaBlend)