‘Batwoman’ Got Picked Up For A Full Series The Same Day It Got A New Teaser

We have no idea what’s going on with Batman, now that Ben Affleck’s out, perhaps to be replaced by a younger, perhaps less eccentrically tattooed model. But at least we have Batwoman. Ruby Rose, scenestealer of Orange is the New Black and John Wick: Chapter Two, has been playing the latest iteration of the female Caped Crusader for a while now, popping up on such CW “Arrowverse” shows as Arrow and The Flash and Supergirl.

As of today, though, we know what we long suspected: Batwoman’s getting her own solo show (called Batwoman, natch), as per Deadline. But there’s more: There’s already a teaser.

Said ad is basically a motion picture version of the picture we saw of Rose in costume late last year, standing atop a building at night, looking oh so serious. The teaser pans up a building, a long, dark cape waggling in the wind. We move past an illuminated Bat Signal. We see our hero from behind, her crimson hair pulled out of her latex Bat-suit. She gives the camera a look as it dollies on her, and then…that’s it!

It’s a tantalizing tease for a show that, again, has only on Tuesday been picked up for a full season over at CW. The channel also picked up the Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene, as well as Nancy Drew. Rose’s Batwoman is film and TV’s first lesbian take on the character, which means that Batwoman will be the first superhero show ever with an LGBTQ lead.

You can watch the teaser above for a show that will arrive…at some point. Seriously, it only got the series order today, so you’ll have to wait a bit for more than a 20-second teaser.

(Via Deadline)