Bill Skarsgård Was Haunted By Pennywise In His Nightmares After Finishing ‘It’

Warner Bros.

Bill Skarsgård went from the lesser Skarsgård to a horror movie icon thanks to his performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in It. It’s been a boon to his career, but the role has also had unexpected drawbacks. For instance, Skarsgård can never smile in public again. Also, can’t sleep, clown will eat him.

The actor told Entertainment Weekly that playing Pennywise is “like being in a very destructive relationship.” He continued, “People don’t really realize it until they’re out of it. All your friends go, ‘You need to dump this piece of sh*t, he or she is destroying your life.’ And then once you’re out of it, you see, ‘I was so miserable.’ But I wouldn’t say I was miserable doing Pennywise because I had a lot of fun with it as well.” Except for the whole clown-related nightmares thing.

“I was home, done with the movie, and I started having very strange and vivid Pennywise dreams. Every night, he came and visited. It was in the shape of either me dealing with him, sort of Pennywise as a separate entity of me, and then also me as Pennywise in circumstances that I didn’t appreciate. Like, I’m Pennywise and I’m really upset that I’m out in public and people are looking at me.” (Via)

Well, at least Skarsgård is done with playing… oh. Never mind.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)