Chadwick Boseman Surprising Thankful Fans Of ‘Black Panther’ Is As Heartwarming As Can Be

Entertainment Writer

It’s a simple concept and Jimmy Fallon has made this happen before with Michelle Obama, but there’s just something special about this “surprise” segment with Chadwick Boseman. It features fans of Black Panther stopping in to record a special thank you for the actor and those who made the movie, with Boseman then stepping out to surprise them. And that’s good enough to make the video, but their words and comments about what the film means to them really push it over the cliff.

From start to finish, each of the folks that pop in to record a message show that Black Panther is more than just another Marvel movie for them. And as one man points out, it’s more than just another black film too. It’s a superhero blockbuster film that features people that look the same way he does, which is important.

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