Chris Hemsworth Recalls His Favorite ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Moment, And It’s Probably Not What You’re Thinking

Marvel Studios

Avengers: Endgame can claim a lot of milestones, including being the highest grossing movie of all time and managing the most vast assembling of superheroes in one place. It was also a great Thor movie and an unofficial end to a God of Thunder trilogy that will soon welcome a fourth installment that brings back Natalie Portman as Mighty Thor. Yet Endgame will be remembered for being a movie when Chris Hemsworth finally got to explore a complex arc for his character, including donning prosthetics and a fat suit to become Bro Thor.

Surprisingly, Lebowski Thor was not Hemsworth’s favorite part of the movie, and while it’s true that he had a lot to choose from, the Snow White and The Huntsman star officially unveiled his top Endgame moment to promote the film’s home release. Here we go.

Nope, it wasn’t even the moment when Thor hands over control of New Asgard to Valkryie! Hemsworth chose the interaction between Captain America and Thor after Cap had proven himself worthy of wielding Mjolnir and going to town with a bunch of spinning hammer moves against Thanos. The chosen moment is a smaller one, which shows Thor tossing Stormbreaker to Cap and having second thoughts, so he threw back Mjolnir and because it’s “the little one.” It’s a subtle line amid all the other mayhem going down with Thanos raining fire and Spider-Man bouncing around behind a pegasus and so much more. Yet Thor still manages to maintain his alpha status against Cap despite being happy to see his friend worthy of the selective Thor hammer.

Avenger: Endgame hit digital platforms on August 5 and will see a physical Blu-Ray release on August 13.