David Ayer Regrets Some Things, But Not ‘Suicide Squad’

Despite quite a few negative reviews, Warner’s Suicide Squad still made a lot of money and won an Oscar (seriously). It was also successful enough to spur rumors about a sequel and spin-offs like a Joker and Harley Quinn movie, a Harley standalone movie, and Gotham City Sirens. The last of those may still be directed by David Ayer, who recently exited the Scarface reboot but has been keeping busy re-teaming with Will Smith for Netflix’s Bright.

There’s been no official announcement of Ayer directing another DC movie. Does that mean he didn’t like the experience? Apparently not, as Ayer explained on Twitter when asked if he regrets directing Suicide Squad or regrets working with Warner:

“Not for a second. Not for one second. I got to work with amazing people. It won an Oscar, did incredible business. Launched a franchise and spinoff. And like it or not it’s halfway to cult status. I grew as a person, grew creatively. Warners took a chance on me. I’m grateful.”

This jibes with how Ayer responded when the first Suicide Squad reviews started rolling in and he tweeted an Emiliano Zapata quote which translates as, “I’d prefer to die standing than to live always on my knees” then followed up by explaining, “Zapata quote is my way of saying I love the movie and believe in it. Made it for the fans. Best experience of my life.”

So while Ayer has expressed some regrets about the details surrounding Suicide Squad — saying he cut out too many Joker scenes and should have made Joker the main villain — he doesn’t regret making the film or working with Warner. And who knows? Maybe he’ll agree with Jared Leto that there were enough Joker scenes for their own movie and he’ll make the all-Joker movie we don’t necessarily want yet can’t resist watching. The bodies, the floor, hitting it.

(Via David Ayer)