Will Smith Praises Netflix With The Release Of The Full ‘Bright’ Trailer: They ‘Let You Make The Movie You Want To Make’

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07.20.17 4 Comments

Bright is poised to be Netflix’s first blockbuster offering, grabbing to Will Smith’s starpower in hopes of creating a hit for the platform later in the film. The film pairs Smith with Joel Edgerton as his new Orc partner as the two hit the streets as cops in an alternate Los Angeles where magic, elves, orcs, and other fantasy beings exist and still seem to be steeped in the darkness and grit of the street. It is kinda like director David Ayer’s work on End Of Watch, but with a lot of J.R.R. Tolkien added to the story.

Netflix just dropped the first trailer in honor of its push at Comic-Con in San Diego, following a successful appearance on Conan with the entire cast and Ayer, and got a nice seal of approval from Smith and Ayer on their philosophy when it comes to filmmaking according to Indiewire:

In Smith’s words, “I’m sure this will end soon, but they give you money and let you make the movie you want to make.”

“This is no bullshit PG-13 movie. I was able to do my shit here,” Ayer said. “I was really able to tell a story.”

That story involves Edgerton’s Orc becoming the first on the force, an aspect that allowed Smith to become a “black LAPD officer who finds someone else to be racist against.” Ayer promises that the film is grounded in reality, even though the film features fantasy elements.

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