There’s Only One Way To Watch The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reunion Special, And It’s Not On HBO

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Earlier this year, numerous Game of Thrones actors, both current (characters still alive) and former (characters dead), reunited in Belfast for a special hosted by Conan O’Brien. It was originally unknown when fans would be able to see Sean Bean give fatherly advice to Maisie Williams again, but Entertainment Weekly reports that the special will be included in the Game of Thrones complete series home video box set. That’s 73 episodes, plus the reunion, plus whatever else HBO deems worthy of including in a dragon-shaped box (I assume). It’s the only way to watch the get-together, too: there are no plans for the special to air on HBO.

“As for which actors participated, we know the cast of the final season was heavily involved in the reunion,” according to EW. “What’s less clear is who stopped by from past seasons aside from Bean, who played Ned Stark in season one (and whose comments to a reporter leaked word of the special). We also know Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) was in Belfast earlier this year, but he’s been known to visit the set simply as a fan and friend of the show.”

It ain’t a party without the Aqua Daddy. Anyway, the complete series box set will be released following the series finale, obviously, which will air around May or June 2019. Until then, rewatch the last time Conan spoke to the Thrones cast.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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