‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 floodgates open, release 18 brand new photos to ogle


April is coming. But the first official photos of the new season of HBO”s “Game of Thrones” are here now.

Hot on the heels of the official Season 5 trailer, HBO bestowed fans with a visual feast worthy of any lovingly described Westeros feast. Eighteen high-resolution promotional stills await your hungry eyes.

There”s a good mix of fan favorites and new faces. We don”t get any Sand Snakes, but Ellaria Sand is there to represent the women of Dorne. In what was new information for me, Deobia Opaeri is portrayed as playing Doran Martell”s captain of the guard, Areo Hotah. Brace yourselves, anti-race-bending racists will be up in arms over that one.

Speaking of Doran Martell, HBO traded in an elderly, sickly, gout-ridden man for Alexander Siddig. The role of elderly man instead went to Jonathan Pryce who will introduce the Sparrows into play.

There”s also some great shots of everyone from Arya and Sansa to Jon and Dany and the rest of the gang who is still alive – if not well. Of course, no sign of Bran Stark as actor Isaac Hempstead-Wright will be absent from the show this year.

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