How much damage will ‘Big Bang Theory’ do on Mondays?

09.22.14 5 years ago

How much damage will “The Big Bang Theory” do on Monday nights?
“Big Bang”s” temporary new Monday home could have widespread consequences, not just with “Dancing with the Stars” and “The Voice” but also Fox”s launch of “Gotham” and the return of “Sleepy Hollow.” The thing is “Big Bang” viewers like to watch their show live, so its competitors may end up on the DVR. PLUS: What to expect in Season 8.

“Fashion Police's” Joan Rivers tribute delivers its biggest audience ever
A record 1.1 million watched the 90-minute special on Friday night.

“The Walking Dead” unveils its official Season 5 trailer
“It”s not over till they”re all dead.”

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Kris Jenner files for divorce from Bruce Jenner
The E! reality stars have been married for 23 years.

“Lost” changed the way we watch and talk about TV, but do we still have positive memories?
“How do we remember ‘Lost”?” asks Doc Jensen. “Was it a success or failure? Who decides? Who gets to be the caretaker of its memory? If there is one thing I hate about Lost-and it is probably the only thing I, an ardent, gonzo acolyte of ‘Lost,' truly hate about the show–is how its evolving vision (unintentionally) fractured the show”s vibrant fan community, and how its well-meaning wont for never-ending, friendly debate over the show”s finale has resulted in never-ending, unfriendly fighting over the show”s merit and meaning.” PLUS: Network TV will never see a show like “Lost” again, dissecting the sounds of the “Lost” intro, “Lost” was the best before it was the worst, and ranking every “Lost” episode.

Could “True Detective” revive Colin Farrell”s career?
Will there be a Matthew McConaughey-like renaissance for the Irish actor?

“Dallas” promises answers in Season 3 finale
Nobody will walk away unscathed from tonight”s two-hour finale.

“Naked and Afraid” is the godfather of nude TV
The nude reality show has made Discovery the No. 1 network for men.

We still talk about “Friends” because it has aged so well
Twenty years later, it turns out that a simple pleasant sitcom that appeals to a wide range of viewers is difficult to make. And that is why “Friends” never gets old. As Willa Paskin notes, “Different viewers find pleasure in different shows, but pleasure is the only reason that most of us watch TV at all. And yet pleasure is often the elephant in the TV room: Describing something as merely pleasurable seems like a knock on it, a sign of some fundamental superficiality. (It is the fallback explanation for watching reality TV, after all.) Twenty years after it started, ‘Friends' reliably, effortlessly delivers more pleasure than most contemporary sitcoms. Good jokes, no stress, great company, soul mates who end up together forever, just like lobsters? Let”s go watch it again.” PLUS: 12 rare “Friends” publicity photos from 1994, what happened to the supporting cast?, 61 things you didn”t know about “Friends,” the story of “I”ll Be There For You,” why “Friends” was more influential than “Seinfeld,” Warner Bros. celebrates 236 episodes in 236 seconds, and 15 times “Friends” was really, really weird.

Every network wants its own Olivia Pope
From “Madam Secretary” to “State of Affairs,” networks are trying to find next strong female character.

It”s been 1 year since “Dexter” ended
Actor David Zayas, AKA Batista, gives an update on what happened to each character. PLUS: Dwyane Wade debuts his new “The Dexter Shoes.”

What it”s like getting naked and wearing prosthetics for “Outlander”
Sam Heughan talks about his big wedding night scene.

State Farm drops Rob Schneider”s “SNL”-themed “making copies” ad over his anti-vaccine views
The commercial, which ran as recently as Sunday, was the target of a social media campaign.

“Strike Back”s” final season adds Michelle Yeoh, Will Yun Lee and Dustin Clare
Plus, UFC fighter Michael Bisping is joining the cast.

An excerpt of Phil Hartman”s biography details the “SNL” alum”s death
Here is an excerpt from “You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman.”

“The Voice” is still a success due to 2 reasons
1) It can easily and seamlessly replace its judges and 2) It has two irreplaceable judges: Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. PLUS: Gwen Stefani says “The Voice” was so stressful she argued with husband Gavin Rossdale.

Craig Ferguson tries game show-hosting with “Celebrity Name Game”
“Craig is the perfect host,” producer Courteney Cox says of Ferguson, whose show premieres today. “He is hilarious, irreverent and so spontaneous. He is unflappable and really enjoys himself, which is contagious for everyone around him.”

“The Flash” and “Jane the Virgin” each get 3 additional script orders
Both CW shows have received some of the fall”s best reviews.

Mark Harmon relives his “paying job” as a contestant on “The Dating Game”
The “NCIS” star twice appeared on the dating game show. PLUS: Meet “NCIS”s” Young Ducky.

Jacki Weaver joins Seth MacFarlane”s “Blunt Talk” on Starz
She”ll play the blunt-talking manager of a Brit trying to make it in American cable news.

With Season 2 starting, James Spader looks back at “The Blacklist” Season 1
“I had never done a brand-new show before,” he says. “I had worked on 'The Office' for a year. When I did the last year of 'The Practice,' I think it was the eighth season, and that turned into 'Boston Legal.' This was a whole different thing where we were starting from scratch, and it takes time on everybody's part – mine, the writers, the crew, everybody. So the whole first season really is finding your way and figuring out what you're up to.” PLUS: Spader talks Paul Reubens and what he”s looking forward to in Season 2.

What if “angry white man” was a caricature?
Would Aaron Sorkin be labeled as an “angry white man”?

“Agent Carter” nabs “Boardwalk Empire”s” Shea Whigham
He”ll play the male lead, the tough but fair-minded SSR Chief Roger Dooley.

“The Office” alum John Krasinski sell 2 comedies to NBC
One is set in a garage, the other is set in garbage.

Tom Mison talks “Sleepy Hollow” Season 2
“The really nice thing is, the writers decided to put everyone in the worst possible situations before they worked out how to get them out,” he says. PLUS: Where should “Sleepy Hollow” go?

Lena Dunham is producing an HBO documentary about a Brooklyn tailor
Her film will focus on Bindle & Keep, which makes suits for transgender and female customers.

“Sirens” books “Sopranos” vet Steve Schirripa
“Young & Hungry”s” Jonathan Sadowski will also guests on the EMT comedy.

“Sons of Anarchy” vet Ron Perlman gets some “Fresh Air”
Perlman talks about his memoir with Terry Gross and how it felt filming his final season on the FX series.

ABC”s “Forever” should”ve been called “Derivative”
The ABC series starring Ioan Gruffudd feels like a lot of other shows, from “Moonlight” to “Sleepy Hollow” to Fox”s short-lived “New Amsterdam,” yet it isn”t a bad show thanks to its cast. PLUS: It”s suspiciously close to Pete Hamill”s novel of the same name, it”s unlike anything on TV right now, and it doesn”t feel built to last.

CBS” “Scorpion” wants to be “The Big Bang Theory” meets “CSI: Cyber”
The CBS drama revolves around geniuses, yet it”s a dumb show. PLUS: It”s mostly gold-plated hooey, it borrows from CBS” best shows, Katharine McPhee is dead weight yet again, and it”s as fun to watch as the word “fun-cedural.”

“Gotham” has a sensibility that will resonate with viewers who feel uneasy about the real world
“It”s a chaotic, hyper-violent world with cruel and crooked characters at every turn. And they are the ones mainly in control,” says David Zurawik. “It feels as if something has gone terribly wrong in the city and it is spinning out of control. Even though this milieu is heightened to the level of mythology, I believe that sensibility is going to resonate with viewers who have the similar feelings about the country and world we live in today. And that”s where the Nielsen power is going to come from.” PLUS: The real star is its consistent style, it”s a clown car of major characters whizzing around on a highway, it has a great cast with awful dialogue, it”s a surprisingly fresh and dystopian cop show, and can a network show survive with such a pessimistic worldview?

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