Interview: Joaquin Souberbielle talks ‘Survivor: Worlds Apart’

Power couples rarely work out well on “Survivor” and power couplings certainly didn't work out well for Joaquin Souberbielle on “Survivor: Worlds Apart.”

Joaquin started the season by volunteering for a leadership position on his White Collar tribe. He and second-in-command So told a fib about a secret Immunity clue, didn't find the Idol and So was the first player voted out this season. 

From there, Joaquin got to fly a bit under the radar until he formed another power couple in the shuffled Escameca tribe, forming an East Coast bond with Rodney. Unfortunately, Joaquin misjudged how much other people, particular swing-vote Sierra, distrusted Rodney and a majority alliance fell apart and Joaquin was sent packing.

Fortunately, Joaquin doesn't sound bitter about what went down.

He's got a pitch for a new Joaquin/Rodney reality show, he's full of mockery for Shirin and he's mighty annoyed that his tribe threw that last Immunity.

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Joaquin Souberbielle: Danny-Boy, what”s going on?

HitFix: It”s going well. How are you doing Joaquin?

Joaquin Souberbielle: I can”t complain. I”m off of work and I”ve got people asking me about me. How hard could it be?