The ‘It’ Trailer Might Be Even Scarier When Pennywise Is Replaced With The Cat In The Hat

Listen, the It trailer was already scary enough. The teaser for the first of a two-part adaptation included watching the kids of Derry, Maine attempt to escape the clutches of Pennywise the clown despite him popping up in various creepy settings. It was unsettling, and it was perfectly put together to stick with people long after they closed their browser window. The trailer also broke a ton of “most-watched in the first x-hours” records so that’s not only a whole lot of people scared but a decent amount of people thinking about how to best undercut that horror with a parody version.

One of those parody versions is here, and it involves…The Cat in the Hat? The 2003 Mike Meyers film may not have a devoted contingent of fans, but when the Dr. Seuss creation is inserted into an already scary situation as happens here is a sure way to ingrain that cat’s face in your mind forever. The parody trailer includes not only Cat-as-Pennywise but also the Seuss-equse houses and environments from the children’s film. The mashed up video might not be scarier than Pennywise but it comes pretty close to haunting your dreams for days on end anyway.

(via YouTube/But Without)