The New ‘IT’ Trailer Is Surprisingly Similar To The Trailer For The Original Miniseries

If you were a kid from the early ’90s, you knew one of the scariest things about the IT miniseries was losing one of the VHS tapes or god forbid starting the movie on the wrong side of the laserdisc. There was also Tim Curry, making one of the most horrifying creations ever even scarier with his manic interpretation of Stephen King’s Pennywise the Clown.

Curry made IT special, a classic even. But fans of the book know the ABC miniseries changed things liberally — Curry was just the cherry on top of a spooky coming of age tale. Now that IT is headed to the big screen with a solid R rating, there’s hope we’ll get the closest adaptation possible. But surprisingly, even with little reason to stray from Stephen King’s original source material, it seems like the IT remake is still going to hold the miniseries close to its heart.

As you can see in this side-by-side comparison from YouTuber Matt Skuta, director Andrés Muschietti clearly nodded to the ABC version of IT when he was building the 2017 trailer. The lead up to Pennywise’s first reveal to little Georgie is timed almost perfectly to the original, and other key moments like the Losers Club investigating the sewers and inspecting the old house seem to match exactly like the original.

If you’re worried the remake is going to just be a gorier version of the original, keep in mind that it’s just a little bit of fan service in the way the trailer was sequenced. The new movie is sure to have plenty of surprises.

Is it me, or is the new Pennywise a little too scary? Like, on the (red) nose scary. The freakiest part about Tim Curry’s Pennywise was how he actually looked like a normal clown, with something slightly off about him. You know immediately that something is horribly wrong with Bill Skarsgård’s clown.

(Via i09)