Leslie Jones Forces Kit Harington To Take Cersei’s Walk Of Shame In His ‘SNL’ Promo

Ahead of Game of Thrones‘ season 8 premiere on April 14, Kit Harrington will host SNL this Saturday. Although he has thus far managed to avoid all spoilers in his first promo, it’s clear that he’ll be giving some Jon Snow action during the late night comedy broadcast. To usher in that spirit, the newest Harington SNL promo shows him fending off the Thrones fantasies of Leslie Jones, who dons a Daenerys Targaryen wig while pushing him to wear oven mitts as part of an impromptu reenactment. And things get really hairy — the opposite of hairy, actually — when Jones grows infuriated at Harington’s refusal to play along.

Enter Harington’s version of Cersei’s season 5 Walk of Shame that was originally carried out by Lena Headey with the help of a nude body double. Since this is NBC and not HBO, Harington doesn’t shed all his clothes but simulates with a flesh-colored bodysuit. Yet although the man who played Jon Snow has since cut those famous locks, Jones shames him as much as possible with a cropped Cersei wig as people throw donuts at him. It’s equally as ridiculous as other SNL promos but more amusing than most, given that Harington can stretch his wings with a bewildered expression rather than the usual Jon Snow grumpy-sad faces.

Tune into SNL this Saturday at 11:30pm EST, when Harington will probably endure more shaming alongside musical guest Sara Bareilles.