Is the ‘It’ remake doomed without ‘True Detective’ director Cary Fukunaga?

Cary Fukunaga spoke out for the first time this week on his departure from Warner Bros.' forthcoming “It” remake, and while the “True Detective” Season 1 director didn't get specific, one thing is clear from his comments: the studio didn't trust in his vision enough to keep him.

“[Co-writer] Chase [Palmer] and I had been working on that script for probably three years. There was a lot of our childhood and our experience in it,” Fukunaga told EW. “Ultimately, we and New Line have to agree on the kind of movie we want to make, and we just wanted to make different movies.”

While the film certainly isn't dead — “Mama” director Andres Muschietti was subsequently hired as a replacement — Fukunaga's exit was no doubt a letdown for fans of Stephen King's epic novel. So can the project still be salvaged? And can anyone ever really live up to Tim Curry's performance as Pennywise from the original miniseries?

Watch Roth and Chris discuss the project above and below, along with offering some alternate casting suggestions for the film's central villain (just in case previously-cast star Will Poulter splits from the project before the cameras start rolling).