Listen: Sneak peek at Britney Spears’ ‘Seal It With A Kiss’

03.02.11 8 years ago

Another day, another snippet from a new Britney Spears song. Late last night, Spears” producer Dr. Luke released a snippet of “Seal It With a Kiss,” from her forthcoming album, “Femme Fatale,” out March 29.

The 25-second snippet is, like everything else we”ve heard so far from “Fatale,” is heavily dance oriented, although “Seal It With A Kiss” had more pop elements than some of the other leaks, such as the short portion of “The Big Fat Bass” that sneak peeked on on Monday. Of course, how much can we really tell from these teeny bits.

Snippets of several of the songs are leaking almost daily, as we’ve reported here, including 

”I Wanna Go,” “Inside Out,” We also got the hi-tech video for “Hold It Against Me.”


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