Lauren Cohan Has Confirmed That She’s ‘Not Done’ Playing Maggie On ‘The Walking Dead’


Lauren Cohan hasn’t appeared on The Walking Dead since last November, when Maggie confronted Negan over the death of her husband Glenn. That’s because the talented actress has a project of her own: ABC’s Whiskey Cavalier, maybe the gutsiest show on television (never forget the exploding tampon promo). Cohan intends to return to her zombie-killing roots, though: during her appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Busy Tonight, she told host Busy Philipps that she misses The Walking Dead, “but I’m not done. I’m not done.”

“We’re hoping we go back. It’s just trying to live in the unknown… ing, the unknowing, yeah.”

Following the Walking Dead midseason finale, showrunner Angela Kang and chief content officer Scott Gimple released a statement about Cohan’s future. “Maggie’s last episode this season was 905,” it read. “But it isn’t the end of Maggie’s story. We love Lauren Cohan and hope to have her back on the big program and or beyond, and we have built a story to service that.” It sounds like The Walking Dead creative team and Cohan (who moved on before she felt too “comfortable” playing Maggie for so long) are on the same page, then, despite a recent salary rift. There’s also the persistent rumors of a Maggie spin-off…

Watch the interview below.