‘Whiskey Cavalier’ Might Be The Gutsiest Show On TV And Not Just Because Of The Exploding Tampon Promo

02.27.19 6 months ago

ABC/Craig Sjodin

During the Oscars — Hollywood’s biggest night — ABC very aggressively promoted its latest series with an impressively terrible title: Whiskey Cavalier. There were exploding tampons, poison wedding rings, and more exploding tampons. It was a lot, but it also revealed that just when you think television can’t get any better, it can. Because as I mentioned, there were exploding tampons. (Even better, the exploding tampons weren’t just a promotional tactic: They’re an integral part of the pilot as well.) After the Oscars (and possibly your local news or, even worse, ABC’s OTRC), ABC aired the Whiskey Cavalier pilot as a “sneak preview,” but the “official” series premiere is on Wednesday night. (It’s still the same pilot.)

As you probably can’t tell from the title, Whiskey Cavalier is an easy, breezy, almost “Character Welcome”-esque spy dramedy about FBI Agent Will Chase (codename: “Whiskey Cavalier,” played by Scott Foley), his unlikely (but mostly “will-they-won’t-they”) partnership with CIA Agent Frankie Trowbridge (codename: “Fiery Tribune,” played by Lauren Cohan) and their “interagency team of flawed, funny, and heroic spies.” The team is made up of top FBI profiler/Will’s BFF Susan Sampson (Ana Ortiz), NSA analyst/computer guy Edgar Standish (Tyler James Williams), CIA Agent/inventions guy Jai Datta (Vir Das), and major league doofus FBI Agent Ray Prince (Josh Hopkins).

In the pilot, Will’s trying hard (and failing) to get over being broken up with his girlfriend, Gigi. There’s also some other espionage stuff, but with a show like this, it ultimately doesn’t matter. But break-up or not, Will is an emotional, sensitive guy… which is bad because he’s a spy, but great because this is a television show. Frankie, on the other hand, hates love, has problems trusting people and thinks Will’s emotional baggage is obnoxious. She’s great. Also great is the fact that this counts as another spy show that actually goes on location to places like Prague, Paris, and London, which is always better than this:

USA/Covert Affairs

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