A Mark Ruffalo Tweet Has Marvel Fans Thinking Hulk May Be Leaving The MCU After ‘Infinity War’


*Possible spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War discussed below*

The lead up to Avengers: Infinity War has been filled with pleas for trailers and morose speculation over which heroes won’t be lucky enough to make it out of the battle with Thanos alive. Contracts have been considered, plotlines have been analyzed, and death pools have been entered, with Captain America and/or Iron Man as the most likely to meet their end. But now Mark Ruffalo has seemingly added Bruce Banner and Hulk to the list of Avengers that we may never see again. Or at least some fans think so.

Here’s the Twitter post that kicked off the theories of Bruce Banner/Hulk exit:

Ruffalo says: “Saw this on Reddit. Haha. My last day on IW. The final exit.” Some think this picture of Ruffalo carrying a bindle on a stick kind of like the old Incredible Hulk TV show, and he’s going to walk away down any winding road he can find. Others think he’s just writing about his final exit on the movie. The latter makes more sense, but the former is way more fun.

Or this could just be a phrasing error by Ruffalo, who is known to not be the best with social media. He left his Instagram on live during the Thor: Ragnarok, premiere and spoiled legions of fans.

Even Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear fame) retweeted the pic. Some savvy fans aren’t buying it, however.

At least he isn’t doomed. Hulk and Banner are still alive and that means there’s still a chance he comes back, right? Or will Banner be a lonely man forever?

(Via MovieWeb)