All The Cool Stuff You Might Have Missed In The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

The Avengers: Infinity War trailer was released this morning and so much happened in this jam-packed trailer, it’s easy to miss some big moments. Let’s break down some of the biggest and best bits from the trailer and see what we can glean.

For starters, we have Vision on the ground with someone (maybe Thanos, maybe someone else — Proxima Midnight perhaps?) trying to yank the infinity stone out of his head.

While we’re on the subject, this short scene taught us a few new things: Vision seems to be able to change his appearance and look human rather than his usual red, metallic appearance. Also, Vision and the Scarlet Witch look to have finally begun their long-storied romance.

Bruce is back on Earth. So something must have happened post-Ragnarok to split up Hulk and Thor.

Thor, on the other hand, is still out in space.

Where he meets these A-holes, two of whom (Nebula and Gamora) have some serious father issues to work out with our big bad…


Who seems to look a bit more youthful and vibrant than his previous appearances. And a bit more Bruce Willis-y.

Thanos will at some point in the film have two Infinity Stones, which leaves him still in need of four more.

Spider-Man has a new suit and it is incredible.

His new suit will assuredly protect his sensitive and delicate arm hairs.

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but Cap has a beard now.

And armed with his new and powerful facial hair, you can call him Cap’n Punch.

Black Widow is blonde now, a change on par with Cap Beard.

Already Twitter is having a fit wondering whose hand Tony Stark is holding here. Is it his own? Is it Peter Parker’s?

We can’t wait to find out all our answers when the film is released May 4, 2018.