A Big-Name Cameo In ‘Deadpool 2’ Stemmed From A Joke That Required Oscar-Winning Talent


Slight spoilers for Deadpool 2

Deadpool is blending reality and fiction all while breaking down the fourth wall, only to stack the rubble back up to adorn it with a lovely spraypainted mural of Hugh Jackman’s face. Deadpool 2 ups the bizarre ante, and it will exist in our world, the X-Men universe still owned by Fox (for the time being) and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. It will also deliver a possible Matt Damon cameo, but you may not know where the Oscar-winning actor shows up, or why.

It turns out, Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese needed an important actor to live out a manifesto he had in his personal life (how to properly clean your behind after a number two) and shared it with Ryan Reynolds, who insisted it be put in the movie. Speaking to RadioTimes, Reese recalled the conversation with Reynolds/Deadpool:

“I have a toilet paper manifesto of my own, about the inadequacy of toilet paper. I do this bit about it, and I did it for Ryan. We all looked at each other and said, ‘This has to go into the movie somehow.’ Then we discussed what caliber actor would we need to do such a scene…”

That caliber of actor is presumed to be Matt Damon (although this hasn’t yet been confirmed), who, under a wig, fake belly and other prosthetics, plays a yokel discussing the necessity of baby wipes plus toilet paper, plus a blow dryer if all else fails. It’s an important moment in blockbuster movie history, as well as comic book movie history. It certainly puts Tom Holland’s performance as Peter Parker in Avengers: Infinity War to shame.

(Via RadioTimes/ScreenRant)