Warren Beatty Explained The Oscar Flub Heard ‘Round The World

Getty Image

It’s been weeks since the greatest mistake in Oscars history happened, with Faye Dunaway accidentally reading the incorrect name of the Best Picture winner due to a card mixup, and with any luck that will be the last mistake of that scale that the Academy Awards ever have to deal with. During an appearance on England’s The Graham Norton show this week, co-presenter Warren Beatty revealed just what happened with the entire situation, elaborating extensively on the flub for the first time since the infamous night.

While on Graham’s couch, Beatty spoke about the moment and how it reverberated throughout the industry that night. Surprisingly, or not so surprisingly, people still spoke about themselves at almost every afterparty — assuredly what they thought of the moment and how it impacted them personally and what they thought of the entire thing. Since it was a night of high-profile parties in Hollywood, of course. Beatty is frank with the explanation here, as only stars on Graham’s couch have been known to do with the help of a few cocktails.

You can watch the full clip below and relive the moment for yourself, if that’s something that doesn’t give you incredible second-hand awkward feelings.