Ryan Reynolds Colorfully Describes The Unpleasant Experience Of Wearing His ‘Deadpool’ Suit

Film/TV Editor

With less than a week before Deadpool 2 arrives in theaters, titular star Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin (who shall soon bring Cable to life onscreen) are in full promotional mode. In that spirit, the duo appeared on The Graham Norton Show, where subject matter tends to get a little loose, and Reynolds elaborated on how appearing in his dream franchise (he officially signed on for the Deadpool solo film back in 2004, and it arrived in … 2016) isn’t all about making quips and mastering fancy choreographed fighting.

Actually, Reynolds doesn’t seem terribly fond of the suit he must wear to play the Merc With A Mouth, and it sounds uncomfortable in more than one sense:

“Well, it’s like a big, red body condom but yeah, sure, call it a suit. Whatever you want. It’s just like a team of people to get that thing on. I’m always just so terrified I’ll like throw up in the mask or something, you know … there’s no space in that thing, at all. When I put it on, I can actually taste my own genitals. It’s disgusting.”

At that point, Brolin expressed admiration at how Reynolds wears a suit that makes no allowances for a cheat meal, and he added that Reynolds sizeable muscles are all his because — unlike with The Avengers (and Brolin, who played the genocidal Thanos in Infinity War, would obviously know) — there are no added bumps or six-packs on the Deadpool suit make a bod look better. To that end, Brolin called Reynolds the “Daniel Day-Lewis of comedians,” since he has to go so “method” with his workouts and diet plans.

The struggle truly is real, but Reynolds is loving it.

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