‘Deadpool 2’ Early Reactions Are In, And Everyone Is Talking About The Post-Credits Scene


It took years of begging, pleading, and a violent proof of concept from Ryan Reynolds to get Deadpool made, and as we know that paid off. The first film was one of the biggest hits of 2016, so of course Deadpool himself is pleased to be part of a highly-successful franchise. He’s made that clear in the 4th-wall destroying marketing. But would the sequel be good? The first film was a pleasant little surprise of a flick, and most viewers had no idea what they were getting into with the kinda-sorta X-Men movie. With the element of surprise missing, how would viewers react?

With the first screenings emptying out and an embargo still in place for reviews until next week, reviewers are tweeting what they can, which is almost all overwhelming praise. Especially for the post-credit scene(s). Let’s take a look at the joyful applauding of what seems to be a bigger, better, weirder, bloodier, more violent film that also manages to be funnier.

As we sift through the early reactions that are almost all focusing on the same winning qualities, the negatives are also consistent. Deadpool 2 is like its predecessor, described as a childish and silly film that is in love with itself. That sounds very Deadpool.