So this ‘X-Men’ spinoff casting news basically means Léa Seydoux can retire now

Léa Seydoux just got cast as the love interest to Channing Tatum”s Gambit in the “X-Men” spinoff. After she wraps shooting on “Gambit,” she can retire. This alluring French actress has achieved more than plenty of actors do by the time they”ve played their final roles.

The woman just turned 30, and she”s checked off nearly every box you”d want to in a film acting career. 

  Superhero movie
  Major espionage action franchise, as a villain
  Another major espionage action franchise, as a Bond girl
  Period drama
  Racy Palme D”Or winner
  Fairy tale retelling
  Love story with a sci-fi bent set in a dystopian future
  Woody Allen film
  Quentin Tarantino film
  Ridley Scott film
  Wes Anderson film

Seriously, she can spend the rest of her days sunbathing on a Provence beach, come out of retirement for a couple woman-in-midlife-crisis roles, take one more break from the beach later to play Queen Elizabeth I circa 1599 or a wise grandmother type. Maybe do a horror flick and voice a Pixar character if she”s really feeling completionist.