Here’s How ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Will Dance Around ‘Avengers: Endgame’


Warning: Avengers: Endgame and MCU spoilers will be found below.

If you’re reading this, then you already know that Avengers: Endgame brought Peter Parker back (along with the rest of the snapped Avengers) in time to help fight Thanos and his army of CGI blobs. Now that the dust has started to settle after opening weekend, the Russo Brothers are finally able to talk about when Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home will take place. That film will be the official end to the MCU’s Phase Three, and although it was previously stated (years ago) by Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures chiefs Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, that Far From Home picks up “minutes” after Endgame, there wasn’t a real clarification on how Spidey and friends would handle the snap. For example, it doesn’t look like the characters in the teaser trailer have aged at all, so how does the movie take place at least five years after Thanos’ snap?

The Russo Brothers (who obviously aren’t directing Far From Home — Jon Watts holds onto those honors) have explained to Entertainment Weekly how this might not be a weird time issue at all. That is, it’s entirely possible that the main characters that we’ll see in the movie (including Ned, MJ, Nick Fury, and Maria Hill) were also dusted, which is why they still look about the same age as when we saw them previously:

Just because half the population got wiped out, “that doesn’t mean that everyone that they went to high school with didn’t disappear,” Joe said. Or at least, everyone moviegoers know.

“There could be kids who are now much older than them and no longer in high school,” Joe added. “But Ned and he both disappeared and are returning in that moment.”

Yes, it seems kinda convenient from a storytelling perspective, right? Most Parker’s friends were likely dusted as well, so now they can all enjoy summer vacation in Europe without worrying about adulting, but it’s also conceivable in MCU terms. After all, Thanos’ snap killed off half of the universe’s occupants, but it was a random process, which is why fans could accept (although they didn’t enjoy) how most of the Guardians and all of Hawkeye’s family got wiped out. In any event, it’s full-steam ahead for the MCU, and the good news is that we’ll see more Spider-Man on July 5.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)