Spider-Man Webs The Vulture In Two Final ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailers

Marvel just dropped not one, but two final trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming, opening July 7th. Both of them offer some new footage not seen in the first and second trailers. Like this footage of Spidey webbing up the Vulture:

The second trailer starts with Spider-Man’s self-recorded videos from Captain America: Civil War, including a moment where Peter finds out the hotel walls are thin and he’d better keep his voice down while talking about superpowers. From there, we see some of the reasons Michael Keaton said his character is understandable before we see why he’s still a villain (cool motive, still murder).

Stay to the very end for the funny moment when Peter Parker and Ned Leeds (the best friend seen previously in this clip) are watching a program at school when Captain America appears in the video and Ned whispers, “Do you know him, too?” and Peter answers, “Yeah. Stole his shield.”

Marvel also released a couple of dynamic new one sheets:

That’s cool and all, but when will Spider-Man: Homecoming finally address the elephant in the room: that time when Aunt May and the Vulture were an item:

(Via Sony Pictures Entertainment and Comic Book Movie)