The New ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Clip From The MTV Movie Awards Shows The Stealthy Life Of A Teen Superhero

July 7th feels so far away, but the infinitely-rebooted Spider-Man series feels like it’s found its perfect Peter Parker with Tom Holland. In this exclusive clip from the MTV Movie and TV awards, Peter Parker shows the pain of being a teen superhero.

The clip shows young Peter Parker, sneaking into his bedroom after a hard day of crime fighting, using his various powers to do everything a normal teen would do in order to avoid the detection of their parents. He sneaks in through the cliche window, uses his webs to shut his bedroom door quietly, then uses his radioactive spider powers to climb on the ceiling. Typical teens and their changing bodies, you know?

Unfortunately for young Parker, his stealthy plan is ruined when he doesn’t realize his buddy was sitting behind him the whole time. This leads to a crushed Lego construction and questions about Parker’s developing Spidey Sense that was obviously not tingling.

At least we know that some of the acrobatics are all Mr. Holland:

We also see that Parker is wearing his full Spidey getup, which means he’s already had his Tony Stark visit, and he’s well on his way to being Spider-Man even if he’d probably still be charged as a minor if he was booked for vigilantism.