‘Star Wars’ Once Again Teases Rey’s Dark Turn With Its Latest ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer


The theory stating that Rey would go from Luke Skywalker’s pupil to hand in hand with Kylo Ren and the dark side has been floating around for months, and Star Wars hasn’t been shy with hints of Rey’s possible turn. The latest spot for The Last Jedi, might show off the strongest supporting evidence yet.

In the clip above, we see a whole bunch of symbolic gestures, like Kylo Ren reaching out his hand to who we presumably think is Rey. There’s And of course, there’s the brief moment showing Luke Skywalker telling Rey to resist the dark side (???), only for him to freak out on her when she possibly gets lost in the tempting pull of evil.

The opposite could also be true. These moments hinting at a Rey heel turn seem to be Lucasfilm swerving everyone with a collection of tightly-edited trailers that make it seem that characters are speaking to each other when they’re not. Why would they give away the story?

Furthermore, if Luke loses both of his strongest students to the dark side and is indirectly responsible for Rey slaughtering his other pupils, then it puts him up there as one of the worst mentors ever. That would be a weird place to take his character.