‘Suicide Squad’ photo has Joker on his knees in front of Common, but who is he?

Sometimes new information about a highly anticipated film comes from huge publicity unveilings. And sometimes they come from a photographer”s social media account. Today”s new look at Suicide Squad is both, depending on where you go first in the morning.

Clay Enos – who has been the official on-set photographer for several DC Films – shared the following new photo of Joker (Jared Leto), Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and Monster T (Common) from the height of their decadent criminal empire. The photo was also shared on EW, along with a bunch more. To date, this is the best photo of Monster T that we've seen, and I can”t be 100% sure, but it looks like the character is holding the Joker”s pistol.

But who is Monster T?

Common”s role was originally titled ‘Tattooed Man” and currently remains that way on IMDB. The Tattooed Man has been the moniker of several villains in the DC Universe over the years, and it”s likely Common”s character is an amalgamation of the three men who have held the title.

Abel Tarrant, the first Tattooed Man, was a Green Lantern villain who would eventually become a member of the Suicide Squad. Tarrant was able to animate and control the various tattoos over his body through a chemical accident, the 1960s comic catchall for giving people superpowers. After being incarcerated, the Tattooed Man taught his powers (somehow?) to his cellmate, John Oakes. Oakes, a member of the Yakuza, became the second Tattooed Man. His powers took on a more ‘mystical” tone. This allowed Oakes to open portals, spiritually merge with people, and create black energy.

The final Tattooed Man – Mark Richards – is unrelated to the other two. Instead, Richards' powers manifested after the U.S Marine's helicopter went down in the fictional European country of Modora. Presumed dead, the Tattooed Man resurfaced with his new powers similar to those of Tarrant and Oakes but with one key difference: Richards' tattoos are the product of sin-grafting. Each time he takes a life, a new tattoo is placed on Richard”s body, symbolic of the sin of his victim. It”s the tattoo version of a sin eater, as he believes the tattoos are a form of redemption for those killed.

In all three cases, the Tattooed Man”s powers are magical in nature. Suicide Squad trailers and clips have been playing up the frenetic gunplay and fighting, but this is a movie steeped in magic. From Enchantress to Diablo, people with supernatural powers are everywhere. It makes sense for the Joker to have some preternatural firepower on his side as well. As to what role Monster T plays in the film? We”ll have to wait until August to find out.