The exact moment ‘Suicide Squad’ fails Harley Quinn is in the new trailer

[UPDATE 8/5/16: Now that Suicide Squad is in theaters, check out my updated opinion on Harley's origin!]


DC Films came out swinging yesterday. Two new Facebook pages dropped ahead of The CW”s special about the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe line-up.

From the first footage of “Wonder Woman” to a look at the finalized Justice League team, DC did not disappoint. But the crown jewel was the new trailer for “Suicide Squad,” which showcased more of how the team will interact with each other. It also showed how the movie version of Dr. Harleen Quinzel will become Harley Quinn, if you knew what to look for.

The only problem is, it”s the wrong origin.


It”s no secret that I”ve been really hard on “Suicide Squad.” But it”s not because I WANT to hate it. Quite the contrary. I want to love it! Harley Quinn is one of my favorite superhero characters. She”s complex and troubled and very, very human. But “Suicide Squad” has rebuffed me – and many other female fans – at every turn. “This isn”t for you,” it practically screams, as Harley bends over to pick up a trinket, the camera focused squarely on her booty shorts. Every woman in this film save for Amanda Waller is scantily dressed for no good reason. I”ve already gone over what an egregious example Enchantress is: whether you think she”s sexy or scary, she”s definitely never worn anything that skimpy. For some reason, Katana”s armor has been traded out for a midriff baring top. And Harley is once again regulated to something from a prepubescent boy”s dream. You can thank Arkham Asylum for that particular legacy.

Meanwhile, the men are dressed to the nines, with El Diablo showing the most skin. Even KILLER CROC – who is usually lucky to wear a pair of ripped pants – is fully clothed.