Tonight ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ showed off new footage

01.19.16 3 years ago

It”s raining footage. Hallelujah, it”s raining footage! Tonight The CW got an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe and they did not disappoint! From “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” to “Suicide Squad” to “Wonder Woman” (YAAAAAAS!) it was a smorgasbord of delight for fans.

Everything is still trickling in online, but check back as I”ll be putting up the footage* as it comes in!

*[UPDATE: 1/19/16 at 11:11pm EDT] – It appears “Batman v Superman” may have just showcased concept art and the image revealed earlier today in lieu of footage.

#1: Suicide Squad trailer:

#2: Wonder Woman footage!
“She”s the best fighter in the DC universe [and] a feminist cultural icon.”

#3: Cyborg concept art!
They're referring to him as a technopath but any fellow Shadowrun players in the fandom have to be thinking “No sir, that's a technomancer.”

One of my followers on Twitter was kind enough to send me screenshots of the concept art. It's blurry, but it's the best we've got for now.


#4: Meet the movie version of The Flash!
Barry Allen is obsessed with clearing his father's name.

#5: Get to know Jason Momoa's Aquaman!
Struggling to find the balance between mortal and god, Aquaman isn't fully trained yet.

#6: Blink and you'll miss it new footage of “Batman v Superman.”
No wonder my sources thought there wasn't any new footage shown!

There may be more soundbites to come!

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