Today in Tumblr: ‘Peanuts’ characters speak in Morrissey lyrics

Oh, Tumblr. You are so good to us. What would we do without Sherlockspeare or Bass Dogs or porn gifs, after all? Well, the world would be a much darker and more depressing place, that’s for sure.

Speaking of depression, this afternoon I came across a Tumblr of someone named Lauren LoPrete who has taken some of the greatest, angstiest lyrics from Smiths songs and placed them into the mouths and thought bubbles of Charlie Brown and Lucy and Snoopy and some of the other “Peanuts” characters, in a mashup so brilliant and perfect I’m pretty sure Charles Schulz himself would have approved. And maybe even Morrissey, if you caught him on a good day.

(See more at thischarmingcharlie)

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