Yes, This ‘Venom’ Rom-Com Trailer Is A Real, Wonderful Thing That Sony Signed Off On

Remember that scene in Venom when Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) was saved, then kissed on the mouth, by his symbiote-wearing ex-girlfriend, Anne Weying (Michelle Williams)? No? Well then you should probably watch the movie again, and it just so happens that Sony Pictures is about to release its hugely (and surprisingly) successful attempt to keep its live-action Spider-Man film universe alive on digital and Blu-ray. To remind everyone of this (and said kissing scene), Sony’s marketing department made a “rom-com” trailer.

No seriously, that’s exactly what they did. The short trailer above, which is meant to advertise the film’s upcoming home release in mid-December, feels like maybe the marketing team behind the incredibly popular campaigns for the Deadpool films decided to take their wares elsewhere. Venom‘s first trailers spent most of their time trying to convince everyone that this was a serious film, but this? This is just trying to have some fun — that, and remind everyone that Eddie made out with the alien parasite that lives in his [REDACTED].

Venom will be available digitally on December 11th and Blu-ray on December 18th. Until then, you’ll just have to rewatch seconds 15 through 17 to see Tom Hardy making out with a CGI symbiote over and over again. I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing.