The First Look At Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’ Keeps It True To The Comics In The Film’s New Trailer

Super-fatigue might be a thing that many people are expecting, but that isn’t stopping companies from churning out the films this year. While Infinity War and Deadpool 2 are holding most of the spotlight at the moment, Sony just dropped a new reminder that they have a Venom movie in the works for release this fall. While we’ll have to wait until October 5th for the film to hit theaters, we have our first look at Tom Hardy as Venom in his full comic book glory right now courtesy of the latest trailer out of Cinemacon.

There’s no Spider-Man in this film right now, but that whole situation is a bit confusing. There is a very vicious looking Venom, though, and a very confused Tom Hardy who is trying to figure out how to control his new powers. The memory of Sam Raimi’s attempt to introduce Venom in Spider-Man 3 can now fade away apparently because this Venom looks like a version that was taken right off the page and filled in for the screen. This is fitting since the film is at least partially based on the Venom: Lethal Protector mini-series, along with the Planet Of The Symbiotes storyline that ran through the Spider-Man comics in the late 1990s.

Is it possible this film could work despite the thoughts of fans and those questioning why Sony is keeping separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It seems like Ruben Fleischer and the rest of his team are at least attempting to make something that can stand on its own. If anything, they delivered a trailer that gave fans what they wanted — and what was lacking from the initial teaser trailer back in February.

Now we just need to see Woody Harrelson’s reported character pop up and make things really crazy.

(Via Sony)