Why Sony put a post-credits scene for Fox’s ‘X-Men’ after ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’

and 04.18.14 5 years ago

(CBR) Reports surfaced this week (via Empire Online) that a clip of Fox”s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” plays after Sony”s “Amazing Spider-Man 2”, prompting many fans to speculate about whether the two studios have planned a team-up to unite the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises. The short answer is no: The “Days of Future Past” stinger at the end of “Amazing Spider-Man 2” actually came about as a result of negotiations between the two studios for director Marc Webb to return to the Spider-verse.

According to Variety, the deal came about during negotiations between Sony and Fox in 2012, when discussing Webb”s contract with Fox Searchlight to direct another film following “(500) Days of Summer”. Reportedly, Fox allowed Webb to return for “Amazing Spider-Man 2”, but only because Sony agreed to promote “Days of Future Past” for free. There is no crossover in the works between the two studios” franchises.

The deal would also partially explain Webb”s return to the “Amazing Spider-Man” franchise for a third film with no mention of his promised film to Fox Searchlight, though the director has stated it will be his last run with the wall-crawler.

“Amazing Spider-Man 2” hits theaters May 2, while “X-Men: Days of Future Past” arrives May 23.

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