100 Gecs Is The Most Fittingly Bizarre Musical Guest In ‘FishCenter’ History

FishCenter has been on the air at Adult Swim since 2015, and the bizarre show has lasted so long for a number of reasons. It’s a program that doesn’t take itself too seriously on a network where that is the mission statement. That doesn’t mean it’s not great, though. It’s a very silly show, but it draws some big guests, including Post Malone (one of the biggest music stars in the world), who has been on multiple times.

Speaking of music, the show has a strong music component, and it often books great performers, like Alvvays and Cage The Elephant, the latter of whom based their official video for “Social Cues” on their appearance on the show. All that said, FishCenter has finally done it: They have booked the perfect musical guest for their delightfully weird show, and that guest is 100 Gecs.

The electronic-alternative-hip-hop-noise-industrial duo performed “800db Cloud” in front of, as all FishCenter guests do, a green screen backdrop featuring footage of fish in an aquarium. That premise is actually far less strange than a lot of the duo’s videos. Their “800db Cloud” video, for example, shows them mostly peeking around edges of buildings, and it’s hard to say that that’s a whole lot more off-kilter than their FishCenter appearance.

Watch 100 Gecs perform “800db Cloud” on FishCenter above.