Arcade Fire’s Win Butler Has A Futuristic Role In The New ‘Bill And Ted’ Movie

A new trailer for the upcoming Bill And Ted Face The Music dropped earlier today. While it was a relatively brief look at the movie, eagle-eyed indie-rock fans noticed an easter egg: Arcade Fire’s Win Butler has a role in the movie.

The trailer starts with the titular duo appearing in front of a floating and futuristic council, and sure enough, Butler is there, wearing an outfit that wouldn’t exactly be a surprising on-stage wardrobe for him. He doesn’t have any lines in the trailer, as he just floats there stoically, but here’s hoping he gets to say a few words in the movie (and perhaps bust out his Robert De Niro impression).

Butler shared the clip he’s in on his Instagram Story and wrote, “Proud and humbled to be a member of the Future Council, formed on Day 1 after the defeat of former president ‘Basement Boy’ in November of 2020. Also, and this is a spoiler…it turns out in the future that spending money on education, universal healthcare and universal daycare is better than prisons and policing. There is an alternate universe where none of this happened and American re-elected ‘Basement Boy’ again… but that is more of a dystopia.”

Watch the Bill And Ted Face The Music trailer above.