Arlo Parks’ Touching ‘Hope’ Video Is An Encouraging Reminder Of The Importance Of Perseverance

Just days away from her debut album’s release, Arlo Parks has already made a name for herself as an earnest songwriter through her recent singles like “Eugene” and “Black Dog.” Now, Parks returns to offer one last taste of her impending LP Collapsed In Sunbeams with a touching video alongside her track “Hope.”

Directed by Molly Burdett, Park’s “Hope” short film is a reminder of the value of friendship and perseverance. It follows a girl that Parks encounters who is struggling with mental health and fitting in. Parks takes the girl under her wing and proves that despair is only temporary.

Speaking about the meaning behind her track, Parks says she tried to convey the importance of remembering that things will always get better:

“This video to me is a warm, vibrant exploration of friendship and introversion. I think there’s something so powerful about the saturated, filmic textures, the human portraits and depictions of euphoria. The song surrounds isolation, being present in your pain and knowing that you’re not the only one on the planet feeling low. I think especially in times like these it’s important to focus on the inevitability that things will get better.”

Watch the “Hope” video above and check out the Collapsed In Sunbeams cover art and tracklist below.

Transgressive Records

1. “Collapsed In Sunbeams”
2. “Hurt”
3. “Too Good”
4. “Hope”
5. “Caroline”
6. “Black Dog”
7. “Green Eyes”
8. “Just Go”
9. “For Violet”
10. “Eugene”
11. “Bluish”
12. “Portra 400”

Collapsed In Sunbeams is out 1/29 via Transgressive. Pre-order it here.