Beabadoobee Is Done With Fake Sympathy On Her Rocking New Single ‘Care’

20-year-old Beabadoobee has built a lot of deserved buzz for herself over the past couple years, and it’s been on the strength of a handful of EPs. Now, though, she is ready for her debut album: Today, she shared a video for “Care,” the lead single from Fake It Flowers. On the nostalgically rocking track, she moves on from a relationship as she sings on the hook, “I don’t want your sympathy / Stop saying you give a sh*t / ’cause you don’t really / care, care, care, yeah.”

Beabadoobee said in a statement of the song and video, “This song has end-of-a-90s movie vibes, like you’re driving down a highway. It is pretty much me being angry at society, or people around me who I just don’t think know me and don’t care. I don’t want you to feel f*cking sorry for me. I just want you to understand what I’ve been through. I never expected to be making the first video from my album during a pandemic! I was so lucky to be locked down with the bedroom guys, it feels like it turned out as one of the most personal, real videos I’ve made. I’m so excited to share it!”

Fake It Flowers does not yet have an announced release date, but it is expected to be released later in 2020.

Last week, Beabadoobee offered fans an update on what she’s been up to, which included a status report on Fake It Flowers. She said in a video:

“I’ve been recording an album in this little studio in southwest London. It’s small but it reminds me of home. It’s just like really wholesome and warmly lit, and the couches are really comfy. It’s a bit dusty at times but it’s really pretty.

The first single on the album is called ‘Care.’ I remember it was one of the first songs I demo’d for the album, and I’m just really excited for it to come out. It kind of describes the sound I want to have as a whole. It’s like the best type of nostalgic and warm feelings I want when people listen to my music. For the guitar sounds, I wanted it to sound a bit jangly. We got a really cool guitarist to come in, to kind of find a good lead, guitary sound. […]

Writing this record was probably one of the easiest ones to do. There was a gap after Space Cadet where I could kind of just relax and live in the writer’s block and just kind of understand that I couldn’t write anything. […] The songs on this album are one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written so far. I spent so f*cking long, writing and like going through it emotionally, and it just means a lot to me, and I just can’t wait for people to see that side of my life, and for people to listen to the music, rock out to the music, and cry, and just kind of understand me more. Just really excited for it to come out.”

Aside from all that, it’s been a productive year for Beabadoobee so far. In June, Powfu’s “Death Bed,” on which Beabadoobee features, became the first track to top Billboard‘s new Hot Rock & Alternative Songs chart. Also last month, she recorded a new version of her song “If You Want To” for Soccer Mommy’s singles series. She was also set to open for The 1975 on tour this year, but, of course, those shows are no longer happening as planned.

Watch the “Care” video above, and check out Beabadoobee’s update clip below.