Ben Gibbard Shares The New Song ‘Life In Quarantine’ As A Message To Seattle

With the spread of the coronavirus sweeping the country, citizens have been urged to practice social distancing and quarantining. In light of the situation, musicians across the globe have offered their own channels of entertainment during an isolating time. Death Cab For Cutie vocalist Ben Gibbard is among those musicians providing their music from his home, as he has been livestreaming daily concerts from his living room. On Friday, the singer shared a newly-penned song titled “Life In Quarantine” as a message to his hometown city of Seattle.

With just an acoustic guitar, Gibbard softly narrates the situation he’s seeing across his city. “The streets are empty / The bars and cafes too / The streetlights only changing ’cause they have nothing better to do,” he sings.

After the song ends, Gibbard expanded on his message. “I know this is a really f*cked up and scary time for everybody, including myself,” Gibbard said. “And I know that we’re all trying to figure out what we can do to make it better, or what we can do to alleviate the suffering of someone else.”

Listen to “Life In Quarantine” above.

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