Black Country, New Road’s ‘Track X (The Guest)’ Is An Acoustic Version Of Their Biggest Song

London, UK seven-piece band Black Country, New Road turned heads with their jazz-infused experimental indie rock sound. After releasing their debut album For The First Time back in February, the band now shares a very stripped-down version of the album opener “Track X.”

“Track X” is Black Country, New Road’s most-streamed song off their debut album with over 1.3 million plays on Spotify alone. Their new version, titled “Track X (The Guest),” takes the song back to it’s origin with a warm-toned acoustic guitar and wavering vocals.

Describing why they’ve chosen to share the alternate version of the track, Black Country, New Road vocalist Isaac Wood says the acoustic version is how the song was originally written:

“This version is where the lyrics for ‘Track X’ originally came from. It’s an old story, with some simple guitar playing and has the extra lyrics in the chorus. It’s ‘The Guest’ version, written about 2 years ago in this format and we thought it would make for a good accomplice to the album.”

“Track X” is the first song Black Country, New Road ever worked on when they formed in 2018. Despite it’s popularity, “Track X” never made it into their live performances, but they decided to rework it into a fuzzy experimental track in the studio while recording For The First Time.

Listen to “Track X (The Guest)” above.

For The First Time is out now via Ninja Tune. Get it here.