Bon Iver Brings A ’22, A Million’ Song To ‘Colbert’ To Get Out The Vote

It’s been a minute since Bon Iver was giving a late-night TV, since the last album they had to promote, i, i, came out last summer. Today, Justin Vernon returned as part of The Late Show‘s #PlayAtHome performance series, busting out a rendition of the 22, A Million track “22 (OVER S∞∞N).”

For the entire performance, voting information was superimposed over Vernon’s face, moving as he did to make sure he was constantly obscured. The text read, “Wisconsin: Register to vote online or by mail by Wednesday, October 14, 2020.”

That’s because the performance is part of the “For Wisconsin” initiative, which was launched earlier this week by Vernon’s Eaux Claires festival. It’s a partnership with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee that’s described as “a positive, action-based voting initiative.” A press release notes the campaign will include various events, including contests to meet Vernon and discuss voting.

Vernon previously said in a statement, “I try not to judge people. The temperature of our society has us divided. We all want different things, so that makes sense in one way, but in another, I feel we are unduly divided. We all need to listen more. And the best way we can communicate with each other on this largest scale is to vote. The campaign I am participating in, For Wisconsin, is a non-partisan drive for voting and a plea to listen. That means all of us listening to all of us.”

Watch Vernon perform “22 (OVER S∞∞N)” above.