Burial Releases The Two-Part ‘Shock Power Of Love’ EP With Blackdown

Like most musicians during the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent shutdown of live entertainment, British electronic artist Burial had a relatively low-key 2020, aside from the December releases of “Her Revolution,” “His Rope,” and “Chemz.” However, like many artists, 2021 has seen a bump in productivity, as Burial teamed up with fellow London native Blackdown to surprise drop their new, two-part EP, Shock Power Of Love.

The four-track compilation features two songs apiece from each of its collaborators, with Burial contributing “Dark Gethsemane” and “Space Cadet,” while Blackdown adds “This Journey VIP” and a remix of Heatmap’s January release, “Arklight.” Burial and Blackdown last collaborated on a remix of the latter’s 2006 single “Crackle Blues,” so their long-awaited reunion is pretty meaningful for longtime fans of both.

The EP is out now on all DSPs and available in vinyl form through Burial’s Bandcamp page, along with Burial’s previously released track “Chemz,” which initially dropped in December last year but is now listed as part of a two-song EP with the as-yet-unreleased “Dolphinz.” Blackdown, meanwhile, released the 21-song RollageLive Vol. 1: Nightfall in 2020, available on DSPs.

Burial’s other December 2020 releases were created in conjunction with Four Tet and Thom Yorke via XL Recordings, their first work together since 2011’s “Ego” and “Mirror,” which shared a 12″ vinyl release.

Listen to Shock Power Of Love below.