Car Seat Headrest Puts A Contemporary Spin On Their Early Discography With ‘Martin’

Car Seat Headrest is gearing up for the release of a new LP following the re-release of the group’s debut record, Twin Fantasy, in 2018. The group recently shared their upcoming record’s lead single “Can’t Cool Me Down.” While the synth-driven anthem was a departure from the rest of their catalog, Car Seat Headrest’s latest single, “Martin,” marks a return to the group’s guitar-led indie-rock sound.

Since Car Seat Headrest’s last project was a re-issue of their debut album, their two latest singles are the band’s first new material since their 2016 studio record Teens Of Denial. With “Martin,” frontperson Will Toledo takes on the alternate persona Trait. Amid noisy guitar chords, driving cymbals, and an erratic trumpet, Toledo drones a narrative story. “When the world is asleep inside / I will wake my eyes to starlight / I will find you,” Toledo sings.

With Making A Door Less Open, Toledo aims to distance himself from crafting a concept album. The singer said in a statement that he instead chooses to focus on each song individually. In order to do so, Toledo collaborated with 1 Trait Danger, an electronic side project of Car Seat Headrest’s drummer Andrew Katz.

Listen to “Martin” above.

Making A Door Less Open is out 05/01 via Matador. Pre-order it here.