Charly Bliss Were Ecstatic To Perform Their Lively NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Charly Bliss are riding high off the success of their critically beloved sophomore album, Young Enough, which they released back in May. Now the band has earned a coveted spot behind the famous NPR Tiny Desk to put on an intimate show of their own, and they played a three-song set consisting of tunes from their new album: “Capacity,” “Young Enough,” and “Chatroom.”

The band was thrilled to be there; Eva Hendricks said between songs, “This is really a dream come true for us, and we’re all blown away and shaking a little bit, in a good way.” Those nerves didn’t show through during their performance, though, as they confidently rocked through their songs while presenting them in a new context.

When introducing “Young Enough,” Hendricks said that preparing for this performance reminded her of what it was like to make the Young Enough album: “Young Enough is an album about growth, and I think when you make a record, you kind of tie every experience up into a neat little bow, and it’s kind of easy listening back to forget that the experience of moving through was actually really difficult. It’s been really incredible rearranging these songs for this because it makes you remember how you were feeling when you wrote it all. And this song is kind of about what it feels like when you can finally realize that you made it out to the other side of something really painful.”

The band also wrote on Twitter, “We’re so thrilled to share our tiny desk performance. It was one of the most terrifying, emotional, magical, overflowing-with-joy experiences of our lives & I think it shows.”

Watch Charly Bliss’ Tiny Desk performance above, and read our review of Young Enough here.